Hotels Closest to Chabad
The following is a list of directions to Chabad from diferent hotel locations. Any questions and/or comments as to these directions, don't hesitate in calling the Chabad center at 787-253-0894.

Ritz-Link.jpg El-san-juan-link.jpg ESJ-Link.jpg
Intercontinental-Link.jpg Verdanza-Link.jpg Water-Beach.jpg


Hotel-Laplaya-Link.jpg Embassy-Suites-Link.jpg Hampton-Link.jpg
Marriott-Link.jpg Vila-Del-Sol.jpg


More Hotels: (Not walking distance from Chabad)

With a Chabad discount:

Caribe-Hilton.jpg Condado-Plaza.jpg Sheraton-Hotel.jpg



Without a Chabad discount:

The-marriot.jpg La-Concha.jpg Gran-Melia.jpg
El-Conquistador.jpg Ritz-Resarve.jpg  

Chabad is located on Dalia Street #17 on the left-hand side.